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Blood is one of the factions in Blood Ancestors.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The ancestors are native to the world of Arhan, stuck in a lesser evolutionary cycle than the Bloodied. They worship the Blood Relic, which has the power to enslave entire civilizations with its influence. Due to these relics the ancestors will defend the relic with their lives, because not doing so would cause the extinction of their race.

Characteristics in combat[edit | edit source]

Their basic attacks need blood when performing, so they lose life when they perform them, but are more powerful than the rest of the factions. Their bond with blood becomes an advantage at the moment that each of their attacks acts like a leech sucking some of the damage done to the enemies and transforming it into health for themselves, but because of that, they can’t receive healing from other players.

Dwellers of darkness and propagators of curses and diseases. These beings are the representation of the God of Destruction and the evil in the world of Vetland. His power and his essence are the shadow and with the shadow, they try to conquer the world and thus to give his deity with him.

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