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Darkness is one of the factions in Blood Ancestors.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A day like any other, a few astral cycles ago, a strange species began to be seen in different areas of Vetland. They were the Bloodied, an ancient civilization known for its power, that had left their home planet “Arhan”. Why had they fled? According to accounts on their planet, there is nothing more than destruction and slavery to be found amongst the different ancient blood ancestors. These new inhabitants of Vetland, more developed than their ancestors but less in numbers, have discovered a way to flee their old world and ended up in Vetland, but while eschewing constant wars they stumbled across a new war between the factions of this world. The bloodied are powerful creatures with scaled bodies, veins and ramifications that give them overpowering strength and talents, but they can only maintain their form through selfsacrifice.

The inhabitants of Vetland don’t want these new beings on their planet but lack the power to end them due to their sheer power. The Bloodied proposed a treaty to both humans and shades, an alliance to travel back to Arhan and all three together capture the Blood Relic, which would liberate the planet of the slavery and wars provoked by the devotion to the relic by ending the blood ancestors. Once complete, they promised to leave Vetland and never return… at least this was the deal.

Characteristics in combat[edit | edit source]

Their almost ethereal body allows them to move faster, if there is a shadow there they will be, they have the ability to confuse themselves in the shadows as well as to spread through them.

The blood ancestors are the native inhabitants of the Arhan world. They are the faction of blood stalled at an evolutionary level. They worship the relic as if it were a deity since it provides them with the magic necessary to nourish the world and to be able to continue with their lives. If it’s necessary they will give their lives to protect the relic.

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