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Light is one of the factions in Blood Ancestors.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The faction of Light belongs to the humans, the survivors and inheritors of Planet Vetland who, since its inception have had to survive the always superior force of Darkness. The planet has been in turmoil and war for centuries in which while the Darkness tries to recover its former absolute power, the Humans fight for survival.

The humans of Vetland are strong and proud folk who have been dragged into an endless war. There was a time in their history in which there was only a single human city-state left. Everything appeared to be lost before the last battle in which humans would be forced to return to their nomadic lifestyle. During this last battle for that final city “something” appeared in the sky. Some claim it was a celestial light, while others swear it was a golden animal that roamed the skies, while still others were simply blinded by the light. As soon as it happened all soldiers found their weapons and armor imbued and were then able to push back their enemy, giving way to over a century of “cold war” between the two factions.

From that battle onwards, the Humans proclaimed themselves guardians of the light, and swore their lives to honor the “entity” that saved them from extinction, dubbing her “The Goddess” since many claimed to have heard the voice of a woman in their heads.

Not like humans, the Dark have always been the owners of Vetland, living deep within the planet’s crust. Ephimeral beings without a physical body, they are shadows charged with dark energy. They live to honor Arteis, the dark god, feared wherever you ask. All shades remember the day in which they lost a battle which, while it look like an assured win, caused them to lose the war. As soon as the light appeared in the sky all shades felt a great crackling in their heads, their god had shown weakness, the light had provoked something in their implacable god, and when presented with this situation, the dark had been beaten back to its depths.

From that moment on both factions strive to recover their former strength and both factions only dare fight in small skirmishes, neither brave enough to enter open war. The humans search for stability and the shades face a potential loss. 112 astral cycles have passed and neither have moved forward.

Characteristics in combat[edit | edit source]

They have more strength and resistance over the other classes. They are more resistant and their attacks more powerful, but they have no supernatural characteristics. Considered fates from another world and slaves of blood. They decided to detach themselves from their ancestors and from the blood relic to live a new life away from wars and destruction in the world of Arhan. But nothing was as they expected, they were involved in a war that faced two great factions and that threatened to destroy its new home.

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